Class Schedules

Cotillion is a series of ballroom dance-social courtesies-dining etiquette classes for Middle School (5th-8th grades) and High School offered Monday evenings, once a month, at the conveniently located Best Western/Seacliff Inn Aptos, (September 16, 2013-March 10, 2014).  The free introductory first class on Sept. 16th includes traditional punch and cookies; the remaining classes will include dining etiquette training featuring select dinner courses, culminating with a formal 4-course dinner at the last instruction class (a 2-hour class). The Parent Show Party is the final class. We also offer “Manner Up-College Style!”  & “Manner Up, Teens/PreTeens!” and Birthday Tea Party Dining Etiquette Classes are held at The Quail & Thistle Tea Room. Private and Semi-Private Class dates & times to be arranged with prospective students. Please note dietary restrictions on the Contact Page, thank you!

“Manner Up!” 2013 Dining/Social Etiquette Classes at The Quail & Thistle Tea Room:
Spring Semester Special: $40 PER TEEN CLASS, held once a month on Sunday afternoon.
“Manner Up, Teens & Pre-teens!” Courteous Kids, Considerate Teens Classes: Feb 9, Mar 16, Apr 27, May 18 at 1:00-3:00pm. (Limit 10-14 students, or reserve a private booking for your youth team/group 4 weeks in advance for other dates.) Build confidence in social and dining etiquette! Registration closes 1 week prior to each class date. Please register on Sign Up Page.
“Manner Up, College Style!” Collegiate & Confident Classes: Contact us through the Contact Page, for class availability, 6:00-8:00pm. (Limit 10 students) Be prepared and confident to meet your college professors, president, advisors, roommates, and fellow students! Makes a fun party! Reservations in advance required.
PLEASE REGISTER ON SIGN UP PAGE. Reservations for each class closed 1 week prior to each class date.

Cotillion Class Times at Seacliff Inn:
Monday Evenings, once a month
(Dates listed below)
Middle School 5th-8th Grades Courteous Kids: Receiving Line and
Instruction from 7:00pm-8:00pm.
High School (and optional 8th Grade) Considerate Teens: Receiving Line and Instruction from 8:00-9:00pm

Aptos Seacliff Inn 2013-2014 Class Dates & Dining Etiquette Menus:

September: 16th (FREE Introductory Class, punch & cookies)
 21st (Cup of soup)
 18th (Salad, roll w/butter)
December: 9th (Holiday Party-Spaghetti) 
January: 27th (Chicken tenders)
February: 24th (Special 2-hour class: Formal Dinner Dance 5:30-7:30pm for 5th-8th grades, 7:30-9:30pm for High School)
March: 10th (Parent Show Party 7:00-8:00pm for 5th-8th, punch & cookies; Dance Party 8:00-9:00pm for High School, punch & cookies)

Every class, except for the punch & cookies (Free Introductory & Parent Party) classes, begins at the formal tables for dining etiquette instructions and review, then continues with basic ballroom dance and social courtesies interactions. Please register on the Sign Up Page to reserve your place in a class, thank you!