Central Coast Cotillion Offered by Mariann Eichhorn

Ballroom Dance, Social & Dining Etiquette


• To build confidence, courtesy and character in pre-teens, teens and young adults as they learn classy basic ballroom dances, social & dining etiquette in a FRIENDLY, FUN and formal environment.
• To teach students social courtesies and dining etiquette skills.
• To train young people to act and treat others with respect, kindness and dignity.
• To empower students with the tools to carry themselves with poise and present themselves with confidence in various social settings, such as: school dances, classes, clubs, sports teams and award banquets, college and career interviews, internships, business luncheons and dinners, dates, parties, and weddings.

About Mariann Eichhorn

Mariann was trained by Mrs. Kinnear’s Cotillion in Marion, Indiana and taught for Mrs. Kinnear’s Cotillion in Indianapolis, Richmond and Muncie Indiana while attending Butler University in the 1980’s. Mrs. Eichhorn taught Jr. High/Middle/High School Choirs in Dunedin, Florida where she was awarded Teacher of the Year in 1988.

She has been teaching Cotillion at Green Valley Christian School, Aptos Seacliff Inn, and Scotts Valley Hilton, and a ‘Get Ready For Prom & Winter Ball’ Ballroom Dance Class at Aptos High School. She teaches private piano and voice lessons, enjoys donating Cotillion classes to local nonprofits, and had the honor of teaching a Cotillion class with GVCS 8th grade students at Door of Faith Orphanage in Mexico. Cotillion is fun for the entire family-Mariann’s husband Mark and their 5 children love the classes, too! She can be reached at 831-688-5678 or through the Contact Page.